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About CAPE

Caring About People with Enthusiasm (CAPE), Incorporated, is a world class management consulting firm whose primary mission is to provide consultative services which demonstrate caring about people with enthusiasm. Its vision is to provide premier management consulting services to corporations, agencies, health care institutions and organizations and colleges and universities.

“I was held captive by your book today. It is great! And I am glad that you were so open and honest about your life. I feel as if I know you so much better now! Your memories are going to be a big help to me.”

– Mary T. Sarnecky, COL, AN, Ret., PhD, Historian, Author

CAPE, Inc. has achieved significant attention and accolades by providing quality services in the areas of strategic planning, conflict management and resolution, change management, team building and reengineering systems and organizations. Additionally, CAPE Associates Inc. has served as negotiator, arbitrator and ombudsman between and among agencies to resolve sensitive workplace challenges.

CAPE, Inc. offers organizational development, training, workshop and seminar services to a variety of clients needing such services. These services are customized and tailored to the specific organization and agency needs.


CAPE provides basic research and analysis services required for strategic planning and programming, then works closely with organizations with organization, development, formulation and implementation of plans. CAPE is prepared to work with organizations through every step of the strategic planning process from strategy formation, operationalizing strategies, writing detailed plans, internal and external communication and feedback to strategic analysis.


CAPE has experienced personnel who design and execute quality programs on conflict management and resolution. These programs include theoretical information, research data, administration of a conflict mode instrument and practical exercises. Small group exercises may be conducted for up to 50 participants via analysis of specific situations of workplace conflict. Organizations receive information about how it manages conflict both as individuals and as groups.


CAPE specializes in helping organizations manage change in the dynamic workplaces in today’s work world. CAPE provides assistance by designing programs tailored to the organization’s needs which ensures that employees add value and increase their productivity in return for interesting and important work, resources to perform well, pay that reflects their contributions and training needed to remain employable. CAPE concentrates specifically on its work with managers on change, transition and implementing with organizations.


CAPE personnel have national and international experience in team building within organizations and bring that wealth of experience to its development and execution of programs. It identifies teamwork strategies, makes an assessment of organizational needs, and recommends actions for successful team building. CAPE uses diverse team building methods based on characteristics of winning teams. Its goal in team building is to accommodate change, stress people to people skills, celebrate differences and empower people to meet the goals and objectives of the organization. Small group exercises designed to improve teamwork and trust building are part of the teaching methods used.


CAPE provides services in reengineering systems, which include design, methodology, results, implementation and evaluation. CAPE participates in study of the organization, its mission, leaders, goals and plans before undertaking a reengineering project. CAPE provides services in downsizing and rightsizing organizations and in establishing new offices within existing organizations successfully.