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My Rise To The Stars


There are two main reasons why I wrote this book:

  • Share some lessons learned in overcoming obstacles. In nearly 40 years of leading and managing people, I had observed and witnessed how many people allow obstacles to slow or stop their progress in reaching their goals. They viewed obstacles negatively and as something that was designed to inhibit progress. I desired to convey a positive view of obstacles—they are really opportunities. Obstacles are not really there to stop one’s progress. They are really opportunities for us to decide how we will overcome them to reach our goals. If we keep the goal in mind, then we can decide if we will go over, under, around or through the obstacle to accomplish it. I wanted others to know that they had choices in how they viewed obstacles and how they took action afterward.
  • I had a story to tell. As I reflected upon my life of meeting challenges, overcoming obstacles and being successful, I felt a need to share my story with others who might be encouraged by it. I was increasingly encountering people who assumed that I was successful because I was born with a “silver spoon” in my mouth or I just “got lucky.” I wanted to share from whence I had come and some of the trials and tribulations along the way. I believed that it was important to share my story, especially with youngsters, who may need to increase their confidence about the value of the journey in the world of honest work. I learned some valuable lessons along the way about life, living and relationships with other people.

“The book is very inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Many lessons to be learned from reading your book — but leadership and perseverance kept coming to my mind. Again, thank you.”

– Harvey Dockal, COL, AN, Ret.